Where Do I Even Begin?

This past weekend at the Mid-Michigan Women’s Expo was amazing on so many levels. I don’t even know where to begin. Actually, I would dare say it might just have been life changing, even paradigm shifting for me. I can sense lots of things changing on the inside of me, a re-focusing, it is all still a bit ‘fuzzy’, but I do know that it was amazing! I cannot wait for the West Michigan Women’s Expo here in Grand Rapids. It’s my home town, after all.


The presentations went so well. It totally felt natural and like I was doing one of my classes, which I LOVE to do.





The BEST part? Encouraging women. I call it the ‘face-cupping’ section of my presentation. I was able to share my heart and encourage the women there to refuse to listen to the ‘never good enough’ lies and start believing that they are already amazing, right now, just the way they are. I wish I could have cupped each woman’s face in my hands and looked them in the eyes and tell them that they are loved. They are amazing. They were created ‘on purpose, with a purpose’, and that they are precious. This weekend at the end of each talk I gave away a book that has blessed me and a hand painted sign that had the word ‘loved’ on it. I would require the woman to say that she was already amazing and loved. Do you know the emotions this evoked from some of these women? Life is hard. Pain is inevitable. But to know that one is loved, cherished, and pretty amazing just the way they are, well, apparently it is good news.

Ladies, I simply cannot believe this journey and the opportunities the Lord keeps presenting. I am in awe. I am brought low that He would choose me to do this. A picture of amazing grace amidst great weakness. Christ in me is my only hope!

More photos to come. Thanks for joining me in this very wonderful journey that is PURE GIFT!

3 comments on “Where Do I Even Begin?

  1. So excited to hear, but not one bit surprised. This weekend was planned from the beginning of time! Blessings my friend. <3

  2. Sharon S. on said:

    That’s incredible Michelle! rejoicing with you!

  3. laurie on said:

    Oh, Michelle….I hope you know that you are THE MOST incredible blessing to so many of us!! I can’t even imagine the love and grace that each of those women felt as they met you. You are such a shining example of Christ’s love, and the simple fact that you share it so warmly and embracingly….it just floors me. You BEAM with His love, my friend! You walk the walk as you talk the talk, and Christ just shines on your face! God bless you a million times over, sweetie. I LOVE you, your heart, and your soul! ♥

    xoxo laurie

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